What’s for Birthday?

I’m asking you, What’s for Birthday? No, that’s not the same as “what’s for dinner”, but I guess it’s related somehow! Birthdays are one of our favorite occasions. We love when people call and tell us it’s mom’s birthday, or my son’s 21st birthday, or my granddaughter’s 5th birthday! Whatever the number, we have the perfect Birthday present just for you!

Our websites are loaded with ideas, so I thought I’d put some of our favorites here for you to see.  After all, if we love it, then you probably will to0, right?  So here goes!

We call this Happy Birthday Short N Sassy.  Maybe that’s because it’s a cute floral arrangement that’s great for a cute,  young (or young at heart) sassy lady!

Short N sassy

This is our Healthy Happy Birthday Gift Basket.  What makes it healthy?  The fresh fruit (and cookies!). Well, that’s pushing it a bit, but the fruit is healthy (even if the cookies aren’t!) We love the teddy bear that sits atop this great basket! He’s wishing a Happy Birthday from ear to ear and year to year!

Happy Healthy Birthday basket

The Happy Birthday Box is a fun-filled floral arrangement that’s decorated with ribbons and horns! This great arrangement can be designed in masculine colors and it’s perfect for a co-worker or friend!

Happy Birthday Box


Named our Happy Birthday Celebration, this fresh fruit basket is a healthy celebration. We’ll top a terrific fresh fruit basket with a white teddy bear that’s just waiting to be placed on top of your table or desk! He’s a cute reminder that today is your special day!


A fun filled pamper basket is topped with a great Happy Birthday teddy bear! The fun of this is we also have the bear in Spanish (Feliz Cumpleanos) so we can make this personal for you!

Pamper gift basket flowers

Birthday in a Bag is one of our top sellers.  We really have fun with this, because we use the freshest flowers and colors to create a fun, festive birthday arrangement that’s PERFECT for a guy or a gal!

Birthday in a bag











One more picture, because I simply couldn’t resist! A special person ordered 6 red roses and a bear. This is our driver, Gayle, carring the flowers she was leaving the store! So pretty with her red hair!  If you’re interested in this arrangement, simply call me at 602-246-1271 and we’ll fix you right up!


Birthdays are every day of the year! Remember your LOCAL FLOWER SHOP when you’re choosing this important gift!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tina and Pamela
Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express