What do you Fancy?

YOU, yourself and YOU, what do you fancy? We’re sending emails and posts and, for some reason, you don’t seem interested in what we have to say.  It’s surprising to us, really, because we are a real, local, fragrant flower shop and gift basket store and we try to send information that we think will appeal to you.

But we seem to be failing…   failing

So, what topics would appeal to you? What would compel you to read from the top to the bottom, to look at the pictures, to enjoy the antidotes and to “click” and make the Internet “magic” work for you?

Fancy Internet magic

We’ve told you the differences between us and a floral order-gather 1800flower type of guy (you know, the one sitting behind a computer who doesn’t have a clue about flowers) or the flowers shipped in a box. We’ve shared with you the problems people have when they order on-line and the flowers don’t show up, or when they order from a Big Box Store and the flowers never arrive.

in a box

We’ve told you about the importance of seasonal flowers, vibrancy, life expectancy and safety. We’ve told you that we don’t design floral arrangements until they are ready to leave our shop, insuring the freshest quality possible.

We’ve told you when it’s appropriate to send flowers or gift baskets (like sending fresh fruit to a grieving family). We’ve told you we drop everything (and I mean everything) to get flowers to Hospice.

Yummy Fresh Fruit Basket

We’ve told you about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how important it is that you order early so the delivery can be made in a timely manner.

Halloween Gift Basket Cornucopia snacks for christmas Christmas centerpiece

We’ve told you about Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and pleaded with you not to wait until the last minute to think about mom and your loved one!

Order early

We’ve told you about ourselves (Pamela, the graduate of Michigan State University Floriculture) and me, the published gift basket designer).

We’ve told you about the times we have cried when we learn about a loss and the times we have cheered for a new job and a new baby. We share in your life as you share in ours.

We’ve even shown you pictures of people who have come into our shop to pick up flowers (and that could be YOU).

Happy Man Annie Amanda Gabriel Jim

Troy and fancy roses Flagstaff friend Anthony Christine Nick

We’ve told you about plants and how to care for them. We’ve told you about our home sports teams and offered to design gift baskets for your favorite team.

Football Gift Basket  Denver Broncos Baseball  Baseball gift basket

We’ve told you about the  designs on our website and how we choose them, and how we custom design each and every item just for you!

What else can we do to please you?

Please take a moment and tell us! You can respond here or send an email to tina@giftbasketsbytina.com or call 602-246-0672.

We would LOVE to hear from you!

Tina and Pamela

Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express

2007 W Bethany Home

Phoenix, AZ 85015

  1. Just had to say this is a beautiful example of what Customer Service truly is. Shops like yours (and I came from your FB page, not even a customer) are needed because although we live in a very fast and tech-savvy world, we need humanity.
    The human touch when we’re celebrating or grieving and you ladies exemplify that.

    • Thank you so much for recognizing the value of a local business. We look forward to adding you to the long list of our happy customers.