What Are You Doing for Father’s Day?

I wish I could spend Father’s Day with  my dad in Denver. He’s 92 years young, and he and my mom are terrific! Pamela and I went to visit them in April and we had a great time!

Denver, Colorado

Father’s Day, celebrated June 21, 2015, is set aside to honor dad. If you are fortunate to have your dad still living, then you can share the special day by sending him something special so he knows how great he is.

My dad

What memories do you have? My dad used to take me to Union Station to see the trains. We used to go to baseball games (AAA league) where he could enjoy smoking a cigar! We used to walk across a school playground and he would call cadence. He used to watch me swing on the rings in grade school.

My dad was a CPA. (he used to say that stood for “constant pain in the ass”). He was truly busy during tax time, and nothing could drag him away from his clients. However, when I was in 8th grade, I was in a play put on by my Latin class. It was the story of the death of Julius Caesar, and I played Calpurnia, his wife.  I had one hysterical line in our play, “Julie, don’t go! I told him, Julie, don’t go”! My mom came to watch the play (where Julius Caesar was “killed” on the stage and eventually he stood up and took a bow) and she laughed so hard that she decided to drive across town to get my dad so he could watch the second production! It wasn’t until that evening that I learned my dad and his client had come to the school to watch the play!

What would your dad like for Father’s Day?

If he likes to grill, then the Weber Grill is perfect!

Weber Grill

Maybe he likes fresh fruit, cookies and snacks!

Goodies Extraordinaire

Maybe there’s a football, basketball or baseball team that’s his favorite!

bronco  gift basket

Father’s Day is the perfect time to tell dad how much you love him, and we can help. Simply visit www.giftbasketsbytina.com and select the perfect gift for dad.

If you’ve lost your dad, then it’s a day to remember him in wonderful ways. Perhaps looking at old photographs, maybe telling stories, maybe doing something that you and he liked to do together.

Whatever path you take, June 21st is the day set aside for dad!

Father's Day June 21, 2015


  1. What fabulous gift ideas you’ve created for Father’s Day, Tina and Pamela. I wish my dad was still here, he has been gone so long. My dad actually loved flowers and always bought them for my mother. He loved to play golf or go to the baseball game or read a good book. He was a fabulous storyteller and I loved listening to him. Wonderful memories and I agree with you. If your father is alive, honour him and buy him something he will love.

    • What wonderful memories you have, Beverley! May your dad’s memory be a blessing.

  2. Very nice gift ideas for Father’s Day. Thanks for sharing. My dad loved to play golf and watch sports especially football. We grew up with clubhouse seats for the Philadelphia Eagles…awesome memories! My father was a physician; a very generous and compassionate man. Although he is no longer with us, I celebrate him every day.

    • Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony about your dad. May his memory be a blessing.