Treats for Christmas or Christmas Treats, all of the gift baskets from Basket Express are unique, custom arrangements that are the perfect size gift for your neighbors and friends as well as your accountant, dentist, doctor or attorney!

Custom designed, yes each one is unique, we fill a santa-inspired gift basket (while supplies last) with goodies to melt the savage beast! Even a chocoholic like me will enjoy the goodies (I know, because I choose them just for you) that might include fudge, cookies, fruit candy, pretzels, wafers and more!

Our Treats for Christmas is a great way to say Thank You!

Treats for Christmas

And our Christmas Treats is a fun way to wish holiday greetings this year!

Christmas Treats Gift Basket

For a larger group of people like an office or neighborhood party, we suggest our Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket, which a pretty basket filled to the brim with goodies of the season, our gourmet items include various olive, sauces, cheeses, sausages, crackers and more. We add seasonal fresh fruit and nuts to insure this is a great variety for you.


Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket

And for an even larger crowd, a group of people who work together in a hospital or in hospitality, our your neighborhood party, or for your holiday hostess, we suggest our Christmas Fancy Gourmet Basket, which has everything “except the kitchen sink”, as my mother would say!

Christmas Fancy Gourmet

Gourmet Gift Basket | Gift Basket

It’s not too late to order your Christmas Treats Gift Baskets from Basket Express!! Call 602-246-0672, stop by or click

We wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and a great new year!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express & Roadrunner Florist

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