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Thank you. Tina

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Here’s what others are saying:

Southwest Fiesta

I ordered the Southwest Fiesta this morning and it is perfect for my brother's birthday!  Even though there wasn't a lot of notice, Tina came through like a champ and designed and delivered this beauty for me!  Thanks, Tina and Basket Express!  I highly recommend you!


Thank you so much Grandma Tina!!!!

I am so humbled by the care & service I received from Grandma Tina. My son & his husband just adopted a child in Phoenix Arizona, I am in Ridgeway SC. It was killing me to not be there, but wanted to do something so I reached out to Basket Express. Not only did Grandma Tina answer the phone, but was so understanding of me being a cry baby. She even sent pictures before delivery. They so appreciated the wonderful fruit basket, & am forever in your debt for looking after my family. As ever, Grandma Linda


I am so honored to be a small part of this happy occasion, when your son and his husband adopted their little boy!  Being Grandma Tina is the finest experience in the world, and I know you will love being Grandma Linda forever!  Happy New Year to all of you!

Linda Jo Ferguson


Your gift basket was absolutely lovely! My parents loved it.

Thank you so much!!


Thank you

My cousin died on Saturday and I wanted to send something to my family during this difficult time. I searched online and found Basket Express. I ordered a basket with food. I received a call with in 30 minutes of my order to tell me that they could deliver the next day by 3:00pm. The gift basket arrived at 3:00 and my family was delighted. Thank you for doing such an awesome job. It meant a lot to me and my family

Timothy Roberts

Amazing gift baskets and service

I order gift baskets for my father from Tina. She never disappoints. He loves the gift baskets she custom makes. I can always count on them being there on time, even with short notice. She is always so accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anywhere in the world. From very satisfied in Nebraska  😀

Cindy Kerns

Personal Touch

Thank you so much, Tina.

I truly appreciate the personal touch of local businesses like yours.

Have a great day.

All my best,


So Appreciated!

Hi, Tina. My sister, the grandma went to the new baby...saw the basket that you delivered to the Bonds and called me to tell us how beautiful it was. Everyone loved all the treats they found in it. I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job! So appreciated. M Guinan

M Guinan

Never to be forgotten!

I was so pleased with the joy of service, the imagination for gifting and the finished surprise for a man who has everything. It was a "goodie box" filled with cookies, candies and toy train car to fit his fun for life. The package of LOVE blew him away and made for a surprise memorable 82nd birthday gathering. Thank you Tina.....never to be forgotten.

Phyllis Jackson

Thank you.

Thank you for the service you’re providing during this COVID madness that helps put a smile of the faces of those that continue to work so hard and put themselves at risk to provide cancer care treatment to those in need.

Thank you!


W. Aven

Fabulous Job

Fruit, Cookies

Dear Tina and Pamela,

You did a fabulous job.

It's a difficult time for our family and we're not able to be there, so I found Basket Express on Google.  They designed and delivered a fruit and cookie basket to my grandfather that same day. It was fantastic, and very much appreciated by the family who was gathering in Phoenix.

Fruit, Cookies

Then they sent a beautiful white floral arrangement to the service.  My sister had really wanted a lily, and I was very happy when Tina write me that they were able to get them for us.

They sent me pictures and expressed their condolences by text.

White sympathy flowers

Everything was beautiful, and my sister was very happy, along with my mother and myself. You have done a fabulous job with both items and made the process very easy.

Thank you again.

Michael H


Michael H


Barry said, "I can tell you're a professional" when I called him to ask for the phone number of his recipient. He gave me the number and then I told him I had added his name to the enclosure card (he had forgotten) because it "seemed the right thing to do!"  Barry was thrilled! Join Barry and countless others when you order a gift basket from Basket Express!




Wow Wow Wow!!  The gift baskets at Basket Express are always above and beyond what I would expect!  Super cute.  Lots of goodies in each basket.  Great quality.  Worth every penny.
The customer experience you receive every time you do business with them is top notch.  Every one there takes their time to understand your needs and they help you decide how to fulfill that with a specific gift basket!!
You will not be disappointed!!


Made Her Day!

Thank you, Tina, for making my sister's 65th birthday really special. The "grab & go" gift basket you made and delivered to her at her new job was a hit! She really enjoyed sharing it with her co-workers. The goodies were delicious -- fruit, brownies, cookies, muffins -- and a birthday horn for fun!
Your personal touch made all this possible and is greatly appreciated.
Thank you again for a memorable and wonderful gift. It made my sister's day!

Kathryn Pariza

Compassionate and caring and will go the extra mile for you!

Thank you Tina, for making my day!
My friend from Canada , experienced a trumatic event while vacationing in the States, when her husband became ill and needed immediate surgery .
I requested some special goodies from Tina, and she filled my bucket with joy, through her tremendous effort in adding that special something to the fruit basket, that made it so personal!
Thank you Tina, for going the extra distance for me and my friend. It is so comforting to know that someone you don’t know could care so much.
It is just a little taste of home for this family!
Thank you again Tina for your professional and personal touch!
Pam N

Pam Nattrass

Loved It

Thank you so much Tina! He sent me pictures of it the moment they got it! They loved it and were so appreciative! Thank you for doing this so quickly and for making it so adorable! You are the best!

Laura W

Special Gift Basket

Ordered a gift basket for my son's birthday. He is a new student at GCU. Tina took the time to customize the gift to make it special and personal. She even sent a pic before delivery. Thank you, Basket Express!

Many Snacks Gift Basket

Lori M

Above and Beyond

My husband and son traveled to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl from State College to cheer on their Nittany Lions. Tina not only delivered a fabulous and fun southwestern themed gift basket to their hotel as a surprise from us, but she included a Penn State logo on it after learning why they were there. The gift basket itself was wonderful and the personalized touch went above and beyond what we were expecting. Tina is both professional and personal, which is the perfect combination when creating a gift such as this! Highly recommended!

Penn State

Laura Kilareski

Super Tina

There should be another SUPER-HERO called SUPER-TINA! I needed a large fruit basket right away, within 24 hours. After an exhaustive net-search all around Phoenix, I found Tina's, "a quote within 10 minutes", and this was done 30 minutes before her closing time! She sent me a quote of $19.xx for delivery and a $94.xx large fruit basket to be delivered the next day about 42 minutes away from her store! Other stores i had called earlier that day were quoting me twice Tina's price for delivery and needed 4 days to get it out!
But SUPER-TINA was ULTRA SUPER nice on the phone, for my ultra fast rush order!!! 🙂

There were a lot of choices for fruit baskets on YELPS Phoenix area.
Was so lucky to have found Tina! SUPER-TINA!


Great Gift Baskets!

Hi Tina- we just wrapped up our Penny Wars Challenge last Thursday and I took a much needed day off Friday. We gave Military Assistance Mission over $15,000 between our fundraising efforts and company match, so not bad for two weeks!

Yes, the gift baskets were great. We had 29 overall between the ones you helped us with and others that were donated. Hard to say which one was the favorite! People could choose where to place their tickets so everyone that won was happy �� we were surprised that the baby baskets weren't more popular though.

Again, I very much appreciate your quick responsiveness and beautiful work. It was terrific to work with you and I'm sure we'll be in touch again next time around!

Have a wonderful holiday season!


T Stuart
Mercy Care

Go Cardinals!

When I ordered a gift basket from www.GiftBasketsbyTina, I took a chance that it would be pretty good. Boy, was I surprised when it was GREAT! Tina kept me apprised of all of the turns in the design of the basket, as well as the delivery. But the best part was when she wrote to tell me the picture had been posted on Instagram and the Arizona Cardinals had liked it, too. The fact that my friend Tony liked is it almost insignificant! I highly recommend Tina and www.GiftBasketsbyTina and I'll certainly use her again!

T Ziegler
Career Builder

They're Fantastic!

Fantastic Fun in the Sun Gift Basket

Basket Express is Fantastic!

On March 28, 2016, I wrote to Tina and asked if I could order 2 "fun in the sun" gift baskets to be delivered to my office by 5:00 Wednesday, March 30? I would like it to be very colorful, maybe include a beach towel, sunscreens, sunglasses, snacks.

I heard back from Tina and explained that these are prize drawings for people attending for a leadership conference Thursday morning.

Tina was great in her correspondence with me, and on Tuesday morning (the day before I asked for the baskets) I received an email asking if I'd like them early! Can you imagine that? She wrote and said, "Would it be OK if I surprised you by delivering these gift baskets today?" YOU BETCHA!

The 2 terrific gift baskets arrived on Tuesday and here's what I wrote back to her. "They’re fantastic! Thank you so much. I also appreciate the day early delivery!" I highly recommend contacting Tina! She's professional and she keeps you in the loop! Just wait until you see what she creates for you! Go for it! Give her an idea she will make you look fantastic!

Fantastic Fun in the Sun Gift Basket

L Munn
Mercy Care

Thanks So Much!

Thanks so much for the adorable baby basket! I'm glad I was able to come into your shop and pick it out. It's just perfect!


Custom basket

I am so impressed with how Tina went out of her way to make such a special and memorable gift basket for me, right from first contact I knew I was in capable hands. Organising from the other side of the world was made as simple as possible with all the issues. I can't recommend enough if your wanting that special something that conveys exactly what you want. Thanks again Tina, you did a wonderful job. ?

Las Davis

Mission Accomplished!

Have just been on the phone with Todd, he is ridiculously happy with his basket. His words ☺️. Couldn't of been a more perfect mix for him. So very successful mission fully accomplished.

He Loved It!

It took some doing. Actually a LOT of doing! I live in New Zealand and I ordered a gift basket for my friend in PHoenix. Delivery was difficult to arrange because he works for Schwab and night. But Tina did it for me! Have just been on the phone with Todd, he is ridiculously happy with his basket. His words ☺️. Couldn't of been a more perfect mix for him. So very successful mission fully accomplished.

Lisa Coop

It's Not Costco

Hello Tina,

It looks very nice. Thank you very much for the basket and follow up information. I'm glad I called you instead of going to Costco to get the gift basket.

Donnell Grantham

Everyone Loved the Gift Baskets!

Boss's Day Gift Basket

Just wanted to let you know that everyone loved the gift baskets!! Thank you so much for making me look good!

Boss's Day Gift Basket

Diane Kossak


My daughter absolutely loved the basket! Thank you for the beautiful work!

A. Clark

You Will LOVE her

You Will LOVE her!

I am certain that I have a different insight than most customers. Why? Because I was Tina’s accountant for many years prior to retiring to Vermont. I suppose one could assume that makes me a bit prejudiced and maybe it does but there are some things every customer should know about Tina...the customer always comes first and she will work tirelessly make sure that d your satisfaction with their product gives you reason to NEVER consider another supplier for your gift basket needs. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Tina’s baskets are as fresh and original as they were 20 years ago when we first met. This woman will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction....you can't ask for more than that and in todays business world where greed dominates Tina's only concern is YOU.

Thank You for the Vegie Basket

This testimonial was written to me by wonderful people who recently received a vegie basket from Basket Express.
"The vegetable gift basket was very nice.  We are enjoying the vegies.
Thank you!
The Polte's"

Thank you for being there

Thank you for being there

We wanted to send some starving students we know some yummy treats to keep them going through their studies and y'alls tropical storm downpours. Tina brought it all to fruition with ease and care, and we are truly grateful.

Cozann Sikes

Gift Basket from Basket Express

Gift Basket from Basket Express

Just the other day, I ordered a gift basket from Basket Express and my customer loved it. They said it was the best one they have ever received. It surprised them at how much stuff was in the basket and how beautifully it was arranged. They asked me where I ordered it from so they could order some for their clients!!

A Henry

A Big Hit

A Big Hit

Fabulous flowers! Thank you so much, Pamela and Tina! They were a big hit!

Paul Kuzdas
JC Penney

Fantastic Service

Absolutely fantastic service, flowers, and extra care:) Tina was such a lovely woman to work with and she ensured that the delivery was made to my sister for her graduation from the Mayo Clinic. She even went above and beyond and delivered them to her work when they found out she was not home. Definitely the best florist in the Phoenix area!! If we lived there, Roadrunner Florist would be our go-to all the time. Sending lots of love! You are the best:)

Elka Behrens

Bringing Joy

WOW! Thank you for very much for the absolutely stunning flowers for my uncle! They are the best I have ever seen. Thank you for bringing him great joy in the hospital and peace and comfort today to our family. We will forever be thankful to you. I would give you a 10 star review if it would let me. You especially made his widow happy. God bless you and your family. Thank you for bringing joy!

Keri Hill

Rare Find

Rare Find

Tina - I live in Virginia and contacted Road Runner to order an arrangement for my daughter-in-law's 40th birthday. Tina was so helpful and understanding of just what I wanted. My son sent me a picture and the arrangement was absolutely gorgeous - full of pink just like I told them was her favorite color. Also, I received a wonderful, personalized thank you note from Tina and Pamela in the mail. What a special touch! It is a rare find of such excellent service these days - I so appreciated it!

Marilyn R



Tina - I got in touch with this company by accident and I am so glad! I am located in St Louis MO and they were still able to ship an awesome bouquet all the way here for my lady. She was ecstatic! Thank you so much Tina and Pam for everything and I will definitely be back. You have earned a customer for life!

T Orick

Best Service

Best Service

Tina - Does this type of personal customer-service still exist? Yes, if you are lucky enough to find such places- and this is one top-notch florist. I live in Chicago and wanted to order a special plant for my Phoenix friend. From the minute Tina answered the phone, I was confident that my order was in good hands. The attention she gave to choosing the plant, describing all others, and sending me a picture (without my asking!) is almost unheard of these days. Anyone from out of town wishing to send flowers to the Phoenix area- hear this: This is The Best Service you could possibly wish for. And the plant was absolutely stunning!

A Kay



Kimberly wrote: "A huge shout out to Tina Ashburn and Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express........I guess you sent an email to the flower shop in Chicago and one of the owners actually called my mom when they found out she didn't get her flowers and within 15 minutes they delivered a DOZEN red roses to her. Thanks!!!!!!!"

K Lambert

Outstanding Flowers

Outstanding Flowers

Thank you for the outstanding flowers. It has brighten up my day today. Tina is very patient and AWESOME to work with. Wood Arts Universe will definitely come back to giftbaskets/Roadrunner for unique gift baskets or flowers..!

J Smith

Knocked it Out of the Park

Tina - many times I hesitate ordering things online ... I was hoping you would get my mom's basket to her on time. I have to say, after speaking with her a while ago, YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! She is quite pleased with her flower/fruit basket and I wanted to say THANK YOU for doing such a great job for her and getting it delivered on time!

M. Ammons



tina I have so enjoyed seeing the photos of the lovely bouquets you all make. the one you made for my moms 90th birthday last year was so appreciated.. at 91 last September she got a smaller one from the local store as we were moving again to be closer to her. she passed away in February of this year and sitting here looking at the pictures today I remembered that I never truly thanked you for that bouquet. it seem to last forever. we will now be moving back east where we have a more normal change of seasons in a couple months. but will keep your site up to enjoy.

S Jones



I have only known Tina for a brief period of time, but I feel like I have known her forever. Tina is the nicest and most professional person to deal with, and is extremely conscientious! Basket Express/Roadrunner Florist will definitely be my "go to place" the next time I need a floral arrangement or unique gift basket!

K Peterson



To describe Basket Express in one word, it would have to be unique. These are no pre-packaged, been-laying-on-the-shelf-for-weeks baskets. Each is prepared customized to what the customer wants, and needs to express, usually in a happily whimsical manner! Tina has been at this a very long time, and with just a few hints about a person she can design a gift basket that speaks to the recipient more personally.

Hand-delivered (with a smile!) in town, or gladly shipped across the country, this is a business that hits the target every time it aims to please.

E. Neumann

Floral and Gift Basket Orders

Floral and Gift Basket Orders

Pamela and Tina,

I have been into your store for various floral and gift basket orders and was delighted with the beautiful results. I came across your business card and just wanted to thank you for staying in my neighborhood and also to send my best wishes to you both and for your business. I appreciate small business owners.

L. Glenn



You should definitely use Basket Express & Roadrunner Florist when you need flowers or a gift basket! Tina and Pamela are AWESOME! I am the executive administrative assistant for a local airline, and I’m here to tell you when I call Tina and tell her what I need, I never ever have to worry about at thing! Calling them means one less thing on my “”to-do”” list!

The gift baskets are unique and beautiful. You should see the baby baskets she has done for us! And when someone passes away, I always call and they know just what to send to express our most sincere sympathies. I use them whenever I have a need for flowers and gift baskets, and they deliver or ship everywhere. At Christmas I put them to work and they design our gift baskets for all of our corporate members. They have used Hawaii, and China as themes, and especially Southwest. I know they will always send something wonderful. Go, Tina and Pamela! I hope you are in business for another 40 years!

S. Ruger

Little Hidden Treasure

Little Hidden Treasure

This is the place I keep telling everybody about! One of those little hidden treasures in the valley. A couple of wonderful ladies who I’ve done business with for over 20 years and I won’t go anywhere else, especially not for the cheap stuff sold elsewhere.

Each floral piece is hand-designed, and each basket is hand-crafted, both customized to the individual customer’s order. You’ll NEVER get that from a 1-800! The flowers last so much longer than the ones from the grocery store, and they’re not just a generic everybody gets. Got somebody special? Get them something special, just for them! And this is the place that can do you right 🙂

E. Fitzgerald

Competent Local Company

Competent Local Company

How wonderful it is to work with a competent local company! I called Tina at Basket Express and ordered a gift basket as a thank you. The basket was delivered within the hour, and it contained exactly what I asked for. A magnificent selection of goodies! Yes, she also carries items for babies, and weddings, and new homes. She was telling me about all the special occasions and I’ll be using her again and again! Thanks, Tina, for a job well done!

J. Gutier

Amazing Funeral Flowers

We live in Durham, North Carolina and I wanted to have a funeral
arrangement made for a dear family member.I luckily came across Tina
and her lovely team. They called the church to make sure the flowers
arrived in the correct place, on time. I was comforted knowing that my
order would be completed, without worry. Tina texted me a picture of the
amazing funeral flowers. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and
would highly recommend this florist for local and out of town customers.

funeral sunshine

Here is a picture of the amazing funeral flowers they sent for me.

I think they're amazing. I highly recommend Roadrunner Florist.



Anna K.


Tina - I have been doing business with these ladies at Roadrunner Florist and Basket Express for some 12 years now. I have always found their customer service to be of the highest standards and integrity. I have stopped in at the last minute of the day and needed Flowers arranged and they stayed late to make up my arrangement and did not charge me extra for my last minute emergency. I have requested some very demanding items from this company, (I give to my clients as thank you gifts) and they have never let me down. I have purchased Roses, (long stem and arrangements) holiday arrangements as well as funeral arrangements, I have purchased custom Gift baskets and as I stated never once have I been disappointed. I would recommend this company to any businessperson who is looking to show their appreciation to their client.

Phoenix Luxury Real Estate