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Spring Springs Tulips

Spring Springs Tulips


Spring springs in February, March, April and early May in the Valley of the Sun. We are pleased to offer fresh tulips when available through the beauty of Roadrunner Florist. Call 602-246-0672 and ask what colors we have available for you today!

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Spring Springs Tulips

You know it’s spring when we have tulips at Roadrunner Florist! Spring means tulips. We’re always happy to have tulips available because we know that means winter is just about over and the heat of the summer isn’t upon us yet.

Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs.

Here are some tips for easy care of your tulips. You can prolong their beauty by displaying them in the right place and giving them plenty of water. Prolong their life by using a small pair of clippers and cut about 1/4″ off the stems at an angle. This will help them readily soak up water from the vase.  If the stems have any leaves that would be submerged in water when you put them in the vase, remove them. Pick a vase that will rise up to cover at least half the height of the tulips you’ve brought home. They’ll be able to lean against the vase without bending over. Wash the vase. Use soap and warm water to wash it thoroughly, then dry it completely with a towel. Fill the vase with cold water.  Cold water will keep the stems fresh and crisp, while warm or hot water would cause them to become weak and soggy. Arrange the tulips so that they each have a little space in the vase, rather than leaning them all on top of one another. Tulips drink up a lot of water. Make sure it never completely runs out, or they’ll begin to wilt very quickly. Place it in an area that doesn’t get too hot and sunny. Otherwise, the tulips will wilt in the heat.  Tulips work best in a vase all by themselves.

Colors vary, and we have many shades available when we carry them in the shop. Kindly call 602-246-0672 and find out if Spring Means Tulips today!


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