I thought it might be fun to write about the Flowers of the Month!

Let’s talk about October.

First, a little history.

Birth month flowers refer to certain species that are associated with each month of the year. It is said that the characteristics of each flower will pass down to the people who are born that month. You can also see them mentioned as “flowers by month” but they refer to the same thing.

The Origins of the Flowers by Month

Culturally speaking, it is important to see what flower to choose for a gift, depending on its characteristics (such as color, appearance or scent). But how did we get to offering flowers on birthdays? People think that the Romans were the first ones to use flowers to celebrate such events. They had seasonal flowers which were more than mere decorations since they offered them as gifts for people’s birthdays. As such, most likely this is how birth month flowers appeared. But let’s see what flowers fit each month!

Marigold, Cosmos

The birth month flowers in October are the marigold and the cosmos. Marigolds are usually offered as signs of eternal love. They also mean that you are happy to be with the person who receives the flower. There a lot of species of marigolds, and they range from 6 inches to 5 feet in height.

Have you ever walked into a nursery and followed your nose to the marigolds? They’re often bright orange or yellow, and almost pungent! They are the best plant to add to your garden if you want to keep the bugs and critters away!

October marigolds

Cosmos stand in for serenity, order and peace. They are semi-tall annual plants that are planted along fences and borders. Usually, they attract bees, birds and butterflies to the garden.  Most people love the chocolate cosmos and prefer it for their garden.

Cosmos  Chocolate cosmos





Cosmos flower history states that it is a popular flowering plant grows and blooms twice a year. It is 3-6 ft tall plant and if cosmos flower history is to be believed it attracts visitors from nearby and far off places to see glorious and profuse blooming of poppies in spring season and autumn season. This means that cosmos glower history has witnessed blooming of these flowers every year from April to June and September to mid- October.

Because these are plants, we use neither when we design flowers at Roadrunner Florist. You can check out other autumn designs on our website or enjoy these now.

Autumn centerpiece  Autumn cube of flowers

Vegies Basket 

Happy October birthday to our friends celebrating now!  We hope you have a terrific day, month and year!

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