It’s kinda sad when the Big Box Stores are already selling Christmas trees in October. Heck, the World Series hasn’t even started, and football season isn’t even half over! But here it is, Christmas, kicking us in the face even before Halloween!

Christmas 2018

What does that mean to the customers of Basket Express? It means we’re getting ready for a great Christmas season, a time to help you choose FRESH, CUSTOM DESIGNED GIFT BASKETS, the kind  you won’t find at the Big Box Store!

Your gift basket is UNIQUE to you! It’s a one-of-a-kind, perfect for the lucky person in your life! It’s not one of a thousand, sitting on a pallet after a long ride on a slow boat from China! It’s DIFFERENT, because YOU ARE!

For us, it’s the year of the Hot Cocoa! It’s been a long time since we celebrated the joys of cocoa, but our cool, wet weather has inspired me to hope that we’ll have a winter season this year! So Basket Express is specializing in cocoa this year, with Biscotti, mugs, chocolates and marshmallows! What a fun way to say Merry Christmas!

Hot Chocolate

YUMMM!!!  The Year of the Hot Cocoa!

We promise it won’t be kinda sad when a person receives your gift basket from Basket Express!

Our gift baskets guarantee a WOW!


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