I thought it might be fun to write about the Flowers of the Month!

Let’s talk about June.

First, a little history.

Birth month flowers refer to certain species that are associated with each month of the year. It is said that the characteristics of each flower will pass down to the people who are born that month. You can also see them mentioned as “flowers by month” but they refer to the same thing.

The Origins of the Flowers by Month

Culturally speaking, it is important to see what flower to choose for a gift, depending on its characteristics (such as color, appearance or scent). But how did we get to offering flowers on birthdays? People think that the Romans were the first ones to use flowers to celebrate such events. They had seasonal flowers which were more than mere decorations since they offered them as gifts for people’s birthdays. As such, most likely this is how birth month flowers appeared. But let’s see what flowers fit each month!

Honeysuckle,  Rose

The birth month flowers for June are the honeysuckle and the rose. The honeysuckle represents everlasting love between two people. This is not too different from the meaning of the rose.


I wondered if hummingbirds are attracted to honeysuckle, so I did what my daughter would say: GOOGLE IT!

From our at Melinda Myers at Birdsandblooms.com:

Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees love native honeysuckle. Planting it in full sun or partial shade and moist soil will encourage the best flowering. The orange-red, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in clusters amongst the blue-green leaves, which persist through winter in southern states.  Why we love itUnlike a lot of other plants, trumpet honeysuckle grows in clay soil and near black walnut trees.

And then there is the rose! 

Pink rose  red rose  White rose   yellow rose

The rose has hundreds of meanings, depending on the color it has. For example, a pink rose symbolizes happiness, while a red one stands for true and passionate love. White roses are offered as a symbol of purity and innocence, while a yellow one means friendship. If you offer jut one rose, this underlines the meaning of that color. A bouquet means sincere gratitude instead.

Our customers LOVE roses! Even my daughter, who is about as “yuppy” as can be, loves the design of a dozen red roses by Pamela. And who doesn’t?  Pair them with Stargazer Lilies for an amazing look of love!

A dozen red roses  Roses and lilies

A stunning Dozen Red Roses                  Red Roses and Stargazer Lilies

There is no need to limit yourself to a dozen red roses!

3 colors of roses  Roses and Tropicals  Roses and sunflowers

3 colors of roses   Roses and Tropicals   Mini Roses & Sunflowers

sunflower cube with roses  Modern 16 roses  'Tis Pink with Roses

Sunflowers & Roses          Uptown Roses                      ‘Tis pink with roses

    Contemporary pink roses            Unique roses tall

Lavender Roses            Contemporary Pink Roses      Unique Tall Roses

Did you know that on November 20, 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed a resolution making the rose the national floral emblem at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden?

Celebrate this month with Roses from Roadrunner Florist!

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