Last week I shared our Custom Design it For Us! story of a lady who had chosen a stunning, colorful floral arrangement on our website and then asked us to design it in all white with a little bit of blue.┬áToday I’m going to share the same idea for Custom Designed Gift Baskets.

One example of customization of gift baskets is to take our Very Berry Spring Gift Basket,

Very Berry Spring

which is a selection of fresh fruit including strawberries (if in season) and top it off with a fun, fresh floral arrangement.

Maria asked for all the berries available! Fortunately this is berry time of year, and I was able to obtain the best (Driscols) in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries!

I customized her gift basket full of berries!

Then there’s the lady who ordered our Farmer’s Market gift basket for her aunt’s 80th birthday.

Farmer's Market fruit and flowers gift basket

Farmer’s Market | Gift Basket | Flowers

It’s a fresh fruit arrangement topped with sunflowers! When I learned it’s an 80th birthday, I customized the basket by adding a real birthday cake!

Even the driver was surprised when I told her YES, It’s EDIBLE!

One more I simply couldn’t pass up!! We offer a Cardinal Flowers arrangement on our sister site, Roadrunner Florist.

Cardinal Flowers


A lady called and said her daughter is an Phoenix Coyote Fan, and could we please use that arrangement as a guide but include the Coyotes instead? Of course we can!

Because we are a local flower and gift basket shop, we can customize your gifts! The more ideas you can give us, the more personal it will be!

Let us design fresh floral arrangements and gift baskets for you!

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