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This is the perfect place for Basket Express to present blog posts and for you to join in the fun, too! Here we will discuss holidays, occasions, reasons to send gift baskets and flowers, exciting events occurring at Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.  Click here to read about Pamela of  Roadrunner Florist and Tina of  Basket Express. We are REAL PEOPLE designing Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for REAL PEOPLE (like you!)!

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I discovered a new social platform that might be of interest to you!

It’s called  

Launched yesterday, this is a platform for businesses to network with other businesses! And that’s what it’s all about right?

So I signed up.

They created a “cover” for Basket Express. Do you like it?

be cover

And they created a cover for Roadrunner Florist.

rr cover

With all we’ve been reading and hearing about facebook, perhaps we need to look for different social platforms for our businesses. Perhaps this is one of them.

I’ll tell you this: it was easy to set up! In the few hours I’ve been a member I’ve seen a few new people join.

If this is something that interests you, send an email to and tell Zach that Tina at Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express sent you! Maybe you and I can help this FREE social network grow and maybe it will help our businesses, too!

Have a great Wednesday!



Funeral Homes Prey Amid Difficult Times

Funeral Homes Prey Amid Difficult Times

You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY your family flowers from the funeral home! Corporate Owned Funeral Homes will strongly suggest that they can take care of ordering your casket spray and other flowers and include it in the bill. When corporate owned funeral homes “arrange” for flowers for the casket etc. they take anywhere from a 25% – 30% cut either off the top of the price you paid or there are less flowers than what you actually paid for. Their “preferred” florists are those that fill these orders for the funeral home feel that they are “caught in a trap”. Since cremation has become a more popular, less expensive alternative, funeral homes have had to find another source to maintain and increase their profit margins. (Ex. a $300.00 casket spray = approx. $90.00 that the funeral homes have kept for themselves.)

Secondly, do not purchase sympathy flowers on the Funeral homes web sites or links on the obituary page. Prices to order through these affiliates are more than double what you would pay at your local florist. The funeral homes are again getting kick backs with these orders being placed online.

Not only can your local florist tell you what is REALLY available at the time of the services (besides a funeral director promising you that it will look just like the picture in the book), but your floral designer can create something specific and special for your loved one. *

<img src="image.gif" alt="Funeral Flowers" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Funeral Flowers" />


<img src="image.gif" alt="Funeral Spray" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Funeral Spray" />

Etiquette Advice Expert Rebecca Cole suggests this: It’s never easy comforting someone who has lost a loved one, but flowers can say what is often difficult to express in words. Flowers are usually sent to the funeral home to provide warmth and beauty to the service. If a service is not planned, grief experts recommend sending condolences to the bereaved person’s home.

The phrase “In Lieu of Flowers” can often be found in death notices and obituaries. In most instances, this phrase is used as a convenient, polite way to meet requests for memorial contributions. However, most people don’t understand how important flowers are to the bereavement process.

Sympathy flowers have been a part of funeral and memorial traditions in nearly every culture throughout history. In ancient cultures, floral and herb essences were used to anoint the bodies of the deceased and aromatic flowers and greens were displayed.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Funeral Flowers" /><img src="image.gif" alt="Funeral Flowers" />

Flowers add warmth to the service and provide the visible emotional support the bereaved need during this time.

If you’ve ever been to a funeral that is void of flowers, it is a cold and somber environment. A funeral without flowers is a sad, lonely, cold place.

Flowers honor the deceased’s life, express sympathy is a heartfelt way (providing a way to be there even if you physically can’t be), and provide a warm, pleasant diversion — something to talk about during the visitation and the service.

Often time grieving family members take home green plants as a long-lasting remembrance of their loved one.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Green plant" /><img src="image.gif" alt="Green plants" />

Flowers are something that can be there when you can’t be, and we all know how they can express our feelings in so many ways.

Flowers can be a great source of comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one, and should be regarded as an important gesture.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Patriotic Funeral Flowers" /><img src="image.gif" alt="Patriotic Funeral Flowers" />


Recent research indicates that sympathy flowers may not only brighten and warm a funeral or memorial service setting, but also have a positive impact on the emotional well-being of the bereaved.

A behavioral research study conducted at Harvard by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., reveals some of the calming, fortifying feelings flowers create. The study reveals that flowers feed compassion and chase away anxiety and worries. Research participants lived with fresh flowers for just a few days and reported increases in feelings of compassion and kindness for others. Overall, people simply felt less negative after being around flowers.

Many services are now being held at home. Sometimes called a “Celebration of Life”, a local florist can assist you in sending the perfect flowers to help remember the life of a loved one. Your care and compassion is conveyed with softness and sincerity through these beautiful flowers.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Fresh Flowers" /><img src="image.gif" alt="Fresh Flowers" />

<img src="image.gif" alt="Fresh Flowers" /><img src="image.gif" alt="Fresh Flowers" />

Remember,  only your local florist tell you what is REALLY available at the time of the services (besides a funeral director promising you that it will look just like the picture in the book). Your floral designer can create something specific and special for your loved one.


Visit ROADRUNNER FLORIST for more custom designed floral arrangements that are appropriate for a funeral or Celebration of Life.

*Written with the help of Tim’s P Lawing, Aifd, Tim’s Touch Flowers & Gifts, Lexington SC

People Visit Roadrunner Florist Basket Express

We love when people visit Roadrunner Florist Basket Express!

Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express, the place to come for fresh flowers & gift baskets in Phoenix, AZ

Meet David

<img src="image.gif" alt="This is David Sandoval" />

David came into our shop to buy 2 dozen beautiful roses for his wife. Here he, carrying them out of the shop! He looks like one happy guy!

Meet Omar

<img src="image.gif" alt="Omar with Candle" />


Omar’s story is very interesting. I was at the shop one Sunday designing flowers for a funeral. The door was locked but the lights were on. Omar and his family came to the door and he was carrying the largest candle I had ever seen! They had pictures to show me, and although none of them spoke English, I managed to figure out that they wanted flowers to surround this candle for a baptism. We agreed on red and white roses, lots and lots of baby’s breath, and an hour of my time.

When Omar picked up the candle he was one happy uncle!

Prom season is over in Phoenix! These 2 ladies loved the corsages we designed for them.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Prom girls" />

We love it when other florists drop by! This one is from Beaverton Florist in Oregon.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Another florist" />



Meet Norman and Robbie

.<img src="image.gif" alt="This is Norman and Robbie" />

They came into our shop after enjoying a lunch at the restaurant next door. He purchased one rose, which Pamela wrapped with greens and baby’s breath, and I handed it to him. He then handed it to her! That was one of the nicest gestures I’ve seen in a long time!

This is Marthanna

.<img src="image.gif" alt="This is Marthanna" />

For their wedding anniversary, her husband ordered these beautiful pink roses. He was kind enough to send us this picture of Marthanna standing in front of them at her home.

Meet Cheryl

cheryl morris

Cheryl brought her family in to pick up her wedding flowers she had ordered from Roadrunner Florist. They loved them!


YOU can join the gallery of People Visit Roadrunner Florist Basket Express!

Simply come into the shop, introduce yourself and let us take your picture with your beautiful flowers or gift basket!





Dad Loves Flowers | Dad Loves Gift Baskets

This is my dad!

My dad loves flowers and my dad loves gift baskets!


My dad is 92 years old. He served in the Navy during WWII. He used the GIBill to attend the University of Denver and became a very prominent CPA in Denver. He and my mom have been married for almost 65 years. My dad has always been an inspiration to the three of us. He worked hard and instilled a work ethic into us that doesn’t bend. The only enemy he ever made was the IRS…he fought for his clients every day. My dad still lives with my mom in their home in Denver, CO. He still drives, takes my mom out to lunch or dinner every day, drives her to the hairdresser once a week, and loves to read. He enjoys going to Cherry Creek Mall and watching the children play in the playground, listening to the pianist, watching the shoppers, and taking a nap!

My Dad Loves Flowers! Does Yours?

People think men don’t like receiving flowers! WRONG!

Real Men Like Flowers!

Real Men Like Plants!


Real Men Love Gift Baskets!


The freshest fruit available, including apples, oranges, bananas, pears and a pineapple is topped with a dozen bakery-style cookies. Yumm!

Men, yes real men, LOVE getting flowers! They might not gush and cry, but they really love flowers! My dad does.  My husband did. My brothers do. If you haven’t sent your dad flowers or a gift basket for Father’s Day, try is this year and see what happens!

We’d love you to visit our facebook page and post one of your favorite memories of your dad.
Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th. We look forward to hearing from you!   or

Roadrunner Florist    602-246-1271
2007a W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Summertime Flowers

Summertime Flowers

It’s summertime! That means things HEAT up in the desert! That means it’s time to order bright cheerful summertime flowers from Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express!

My dad teases that the temperatures cool down to the 90s at night (of course he’s right).

We find it’s easier to get out and enjoy the mornings, do our work, and plan on a siesta in the afternoon! (Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could take a siesta in the afternoon!)

People seem to want to send “bright” “cheerful” and “colorful” flowers in the summer. Who can blame them?

Here are a few examples of bright cheerful summertime flowers designed and delivered by Roadrunner Florist.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Colorful summer flowers" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Colorful flowers with orange" />

<img src="image.gif" alt="Colorful flowers for summer" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Pink colorful flowers in a basket" />


When you order flowers from Roadrunner Florist, including bright cheerful summertime flowers, you can be assured they will be the freshest flowers available, professionally designed and hand delivered for you.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Summertime cube of bright flowers" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Summertime cube of flowers" />

Our flowers arrive daily from local wholesalers, and we process them immediately and place them into our coolers. We know the value of keeping our flowers fresh, and we insure they are protected from the heat at all times. They are never left at a front door or on a porch when we deliver them, and they are always designed in a vase or basket that holds water.

Because each arrangement is custom designed, as can offer unique designs such as these. This one was to commemorate 3 young men: 3 Bird of Paradise, 3 Pincushion Protea, 3 Ti Leaves and 3 King Protea.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Three Different Tropical Flowers" />

We often send green plants in the summer. They, too, can be bright cheerful summertime flowers. Here are a few examples of our summertime plants.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Green Plants" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Green Plants" />

Pamela chooses the prettiest green plants available, and then dresses them up in style with different flowers, ribbons and bows. The plants are hearty, easy to maintain and grow, and the flowers never need watering. Sending a green plant from our large selection is always a great gift idea for a baby, a birthday, a congratulations, a housewarming or an express of sympathy.

Here are some more pretty flowers we’re designing and delivering for summer.

<img src="image.gif" alt="Summer flowers in a basket" /> <img src="image.gif" alt="Summer Flowers in a vase" />

You can choose if you want the flowers designed in a basket or a vase.

Did I mention cookies?

We design and deliver Summertime Flowers AND gift baskets with cookies!

<img src="image.gif" alt="Gift basket with cookies" />

When you order your fresh flowers from Roadrunner Florist or your cookie basket from Basket Express, you know you are sending the freshest flowers available and delicious cookies in a custom-designed gift basket and delivered for you.

No matter how hot it gets this summer, remember to send bright cheerful summertime flowers (and gift baskets) from Roadrunner Florist and Basket Express!

May is Military Appreciation Month

May is Military Appreciation Month

It is our honor to design flowers and gift baskets for members of the United States Military.

red white blue


We honor and respect servicemen and women across the country and around the world. 



We thank you for your service to our country.


funeral red white & blue

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Roadrunner Florist Basket Express is pleased to offer a 10% discount on all orders placed on Tina’s new website: https://www, through the end of May.

Military picture

In Your Opinion What are the Seven Wonders of the World?

What are the Seven Wonders of the World?

blog 1

blog 2

blog 3

blog 4

blog 5

blog 6

blog  7

blog 8

blog 9

blog 10

blog 11

blog 12

blog 13

blog 14

blog 15

blog 16

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blog 21

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blog 33

I wish I could claim credit for this post, but I can’t. I received this delicious post in an email and I could hardly wait to share it with all of you.

I don’t know who the author is, but I thank him/her for the beautiful pictures, truisms and thoughts.

I wonder about the child who came up with the amazing wonders.

Do you think your child would have come up with them?

Here are 7 additional wonders from me:

1. I find my daughter and granddaughter to be wondrous.

2. I find working with Pamela at Roadrunner Florist to be wondrous.

3. I find flowers to be wondrous.

4. I find my family to be wondrous.

5. I find animals to be wondrous.

6. I find creation to be wondrous.

7. I find you, my friends, to be wondrous.

What are your seven wonders?

Is Your Mother the BEST EVER?

Mine is. This is Goldie Smith.


She’s the BEST mother a girl could ever have. She was a professional woman before we had professional women (she ran my dad’s CPA office long before it was in vogue to do so) and kept us 3 kids out of trouble at the same time! She’s still active the Denver community. She’s proud to have 3 marvelous children, Sheldon, a prominent attorney, Gary, an ads specialty salesman, and me, your gift basket designer. She also has 3 amazing grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

When I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE HER!


Pamela lost her mother 7 year ago. She was Rena Smith, a wonderful baker and housewife.


She helped put Pamela through Michigan State University where she studied floriculture and began her career as the amazing floral designer you know in Phoenix. I had the pleasure of knowing Rena during the final years of her life when she came to live at Chris Ridge Village, and there wasn’t a recipe she didn’t remember or a tip she wouldn’t share. May her memory be a blessing.


If your mother is living, we invite you to remember her with fresh flowers on Mother’s Day. Pamela and I will be designing, and we’ll be delivering, the freshest flowers in the Valley of the Sun, and we have a network of florists across the country with whom we work who can design and deliver for mom wherever she lives.

girl blockbasket for hughesashley 2

Please feel free to use this blog for any thoughts about your mother that are in your heart.

Let the magic of Roadrunner Florist Basket Express convey your love for mom this year!

What’s in 2 weeks?

ashley 2      Mother’s Day 2 weeks away

We love designing flowers and gift baskets  for Mother’s Day!

fruit nuts and plant

We have friends whom we have known for years and years (Pamela’s been in the floral industry for more than 45 years and at this location for 36) who contact us every year for Mother’s Day! We know the moms…they are part of our extended family.

cube B   We deliver Mother’s Day Flowers and Gift Baskets

If mom is in Phoenix, we design and deliver the freshest floral arrangements (and unique gift baskets) .

If mom is anywhere in the world, we work with a network of florists who can design and deliver flowers for you, too.

cube 37  It’s not too early to contact us today!  602-246-0695


all white by tina

We know many people who have lost their mothers and this is a difficult time for you. May their memories be blessings.



Secretary’s Day (Administrative Assistant)

Wednesday, April 23, is Secretary’s Day.

Of course to be politically correct it’s called Administrative Assistant Day, but honestly I never minded being called a “secretary” and I never thought it was disrespectful, demeaning or diminishing in any way. To prove the point, we have “Secretaries” in this country:  John Kerry,  Sally Jewell,  Jack Lew and a dozen more.

john kerryinteriorlew

I highly doubt these “Secretaries” want to be called “Administrative Assistants”!

No matter what you call them in your office, Wednesday is the day to honor them.

We’ve designed arrangements that are perfect for the desk, from fresh flowers to snack and goodie baskets. Priced from $25 up, we deliver, too, and of course we offer quantity discounts.

Now it the time for you to contact Pamela or Tina at Roadrunner Florist Basket Express for your Secretary’s Day flowers and gift baskets!  602-246-1271

ashley 2sarahhot dogalso realtor snackssilly dillycooler flowers 2gift basket with watersmall sassy

Think you’re too late? You’re not! We offer same day delivery! And yes, your secretary will be excited to receive her gift from Roadrunner Florist Basket Express on Thursday or Friday, too!