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Blog Posts

This is the perfect place for Basket Express to present blog posts and for you to join in the fun, too! Here we will discuss holidays, occasions, reasons to send gift baskets and flowers, exciting events occurring at Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.  Click here to read about Pamela of  Roadrunner Florist and Tina of  Basket Express. We are REAL PEOPLE designing Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for REAL PEOPLE (like you!)!

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Treats for Christmas

Christmas Fancy Gourmet

Treats for Christmas or Christmas Treats, all of the gift baskets from Basket Express are unique, custom arrangements that are the perfect size gift for your neighbors and friends as well as your accountant, dentist, doctor or attorney!

Custom designed, yes each one is unique, we fill a santa-inspired gift basket (while supplies last) with goodies to melt the savage beast! Even a chocoholic like me will enjoy the goodies (I know, because I choose them just for you) that might include fudge, cookies, fruit candy, pretzels, wafers and more!

Our Treats for Christmas is a great way to say Thank You!

Treats for Christmas

And our Christmas Treats is a fun way to wish holiday greetings this year!

Christmas Treats Gift Basket

For a larger group of people like an office or neighborhood party, we suggest our Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket, which a pretty basket filled to the brim with goodies of the season, our gourmet items include various olive, sauces, cheeses, sausages, crackers and more. We add seasonal fresh fruit and nuts to insure this is a great variety for you.


Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket

And for an even larger crowd, a group of people who work together in a hospital or in hospitality, our your neighborhood party, or for your holiday hostess, we suggest our Christmas Fancy Gourmet Basket, which has everything “except the kitchen sink”, as my mother would say!

Christmas Fancy Gourmet

Gourmet Gift Basket | Gift Basket

It’s not too late to order your Christmas Treats Gift Baskets from Basket Express!! Call 602-246-0672, stop by or click

We wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and a great new year!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express & Roadrunner Florist

2007 W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Custom Designed Christmas Gift Baskets

Custom Designed Christmas Gift Baskets

Have you ordered your Custom Designed Christmas Gift Baskets yet? So many people have, that it’s imperative that you place your order and get them into our deliver queue!

Yes, it’s Christmas 2019, and you’re inundated with “deals”, from pre-Black Friday to Black Friday to pre-Cyber Monday to Cyber Monday to post-Black Friday and post-Cyber Monday ! Who can figure it out?

All I know for sure is this:  Custom Designed Christmas Gift Baskets are unique, individual, one-of-a-kind goodies that are certain to please!

We have happy customers!

Happy Customer Christmas

We have GREAT Google reviews!

“What a wonderful selection of innovative individual basket designs for any occasion! The combination of favored ingredients to the desired theme, topped off with superb customer service made for a terrific customer experience! All great reasons for my repeat business going forward!!!”

“Tina was absolutely amazing! She picked up the phone WAY before business hours started, called me back when she said she would, worked with me to find a suitable basket, and made me feel really comfortable about the experience. I highly recommend this service and will certainly be using it again in the future.”

“My customer had a baby boy and we needed to rush a cute new baby basket to Banner Thunderbird. She was super helpful over the phone and was able to put together the cutest basket and deliver it before they were discharged from the hospital!! AMAZING SERVICE!!!”

“I have been using Basket Express for over 12 years. She has never disappointed my clients with her presentations and arrangements. I highly recommend Basket Express.”

Try our Holiday Fruit Basket

Holiday | Christmas | Gift Basket | Fruit

or our Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket

Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket

We have unique ideas and designs! We are here for you!! Simply call 602-246-0672, click or stop by! We’re anxious to speak with you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express & Roadrunner Florist

2007 W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015



100 Days Away!

No matter where you are

in the United States or Europe, Asia, Australia or far,

Christmas is only 100 days away!

Merry Christmas Wishes

Sounds too good to be true

That Santa is on his way so soon

But believe you me, Christmas is happening that way!

Santa’s bringing gifts, flowers and goodies, from our shop to your special people, for this holiday season! This gift basket is so full that I can’t list all of the items inside! Suffice it to say it’s filled with candies, cookies, cheeses, chocolates, crackers and more! Lots and lots more! All of our custom designed gifts arrive in a beautiful decorative gift box or basket or appropriate container.

Santa's bringing gooodies

(Santa’s Bringing Christmas)

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

If you are lucky enough to be in Arizona, you enjoy the beautiful December weather for the holiday.  Perhaps you deep fry your turkey, or even put  him on the grill! You might eat outside on your patio with your family and friends. Do you decorate your cactus with Santas?

Tucson Christmas

For those of us who are not in Arizona, but we wish we were, perhaps our best gift to send is the Southwest Christmas Gift Basket! It’s the perfect reminder of the beautiful weather and great food celebrated this time of year!

(Southwest Christmas Gift Basket)

Loaded with chips, salsa, cheese dip, olives, hot sauce, taco shells and more, this beautiful gift basket is decorated for Christmas with pine cones and fresh holiday greens. We’ll choose a colorful bandana and a beautiful hand-made bow to top the basket! (Read about our hand-made bows by clicking here!)

Check out our amazing Christmas Gifts from Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist! Each is a unique design just for you! Local, local, local, and delivered in the greater Phoenix area! WOW! We offer the perfect GIFTS to celebrate Christmas!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist



Christmas in August?

Christmas in August?

We’ve all heard of Christmas in July, but Christmas in August? That’s a new one!

But not for us! For us, at Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist, we are gearing up for Christmas 2019. It’s nothing new, we do this every year!

First of all, we start with bows. Hundreds of bows.  Christmas bows are so pretty with lots of glitz! Sparkles and glam! Each one is hand made and perfect for the Christmas basket that it will adorn!

Christmas bow with red birds Gold lamme Christmas bow Red Christmas Bow with Gold Trim

Then we decide which containers we are going to use this season. I’m going to share a sneak-peak with you today!


So this year we are featuring A Christmas Country Basket!

A Christmas Country Basket

It’s unique to Basket Express, and offered on a first-come, first-served basis (that means supplies are limited). If you’d like the Country look, I suggest you order it NOW!

The look is a little bit country, and a lot of Christmas! The fruit is hand selected fresh every day, and of course we deliver in the greater Phoenix area!

Perfect for a small get together or a few-people office A Christmas Country Basket will satisfy everyone’s fresh fruit tooth and keep them smiling all season long!

Hurry and order, because the supply is limited! 

Because we have the advantage of being located inside Roadrunner Florist, a local Phoenix Flower Shop, we can offer fresh flowers with our gift baskets, or fresh flowers by themselves! I happen to love this Country look, don’t you?

The Country Basket                                                    A Country Christmas


Country may be IN, but Christmas is on its way!

I’ll remind you as the season progresses so you can order your holiday gift baskets from Basket Express!

It’s not too early to order your Christmas 2019 gift baskets! You know what happens when you wait until December (lest you forget what happened last year???)!  Think about it NOW and let us put your order into the holiday queue. We’ll fix you right up and it will be one item off your holiday “to do” list!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express & Roadrunner Florist, Phoenix, AZ










Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights!  I often tell you how we customized and personalize gift baskets (and flowers) at Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist. I even tell you how we are able to do that (because we are a real, local flower and gift basket shop in Phoenix for more than 43 years), why we do this (because our customers are THE BEST and they know they can have specific ideas and we follow their dreams) and I show pictures!

Today I’m happy to tell you about a very special lady who called from Albuquerque.  By the way, did you know I was one of those little girls who knew how to spell Albuquerque? I remember being about 9 and I was visiting my dad’s CPA office. I was sitting with one of his partners and he was writing a letter that was going to a client in Albuquerque. Morey, sort of to himself, said, “I wonder how to spell Albuquerque?” and I responded “A L B U Q U E R Q U E”! No, he didn’t believe me, and he had to check (that’s years and years before Google so I have no recollection of how he checked) and darn it if I weren’t correct!

Anyway, Tamarra in Albuquerque called the other night and told me her nephew was in town at a muscle-building competition and she wanted to send Reeses! Yes, Reeses, and only Reeses!

Talk about a personalized gift basket!

Reeses Gift Basket

We laughed about an enclosure card, and I said “Fill those muscles with Reeses!” and she agreed!!

I have Bragging Rights! I customized this gift basket full of Reeses!

It’s proof that we can work our magic for you, too!

Basket Express

Roadrunner Florist




Custom Designed Gift Baskets

Last week I shared our Custom Design it For Us! story of a lady who had chosen a stunning, colorful floral arrangement on our website and then asked us to design it in all white with a little bit of blue. Today I’m going to share the same idea for Custom Designed Gift Baskets.

One example of customization of gift baskets is to take our Very Berry Spring Gift Basket,

Very Berry Spring

which is a selection of fresh fruit including strawberries (if in season) and top it off with a fun, fresh floral arrangement.

Maria asked for all the berries available! Fortunately this is berry time of year, and I was able to obtain the best (Driscols) in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries!

I customized her gift basket full of berries!

Then there’s the lady who ordered our Farmer’s Market gift basket for her aunt’s 80th birthday.

Farmer's Market fruit and flowers gift basket

Farmer’s Market | Gift Basket | Flowers

It’s a fresh fruit arrangement topped with sunflowers! When I learned it’s an 80th birthday, I customized the basket by adding a real birthday cake!

Even the driver was surprised when I told her YES, It’s EDIBLE!

One more I simply couldn’t pass up!! We offer a Cardinal Flowers arrangement on our sister site, Roadrunner Florist.

Cardinal Flowers


A lady called and said her daughter is an Phoenix Coyote Fan, and could we please use that arrangement as a guide but include the Coyotes instead? Of course we can!

Because we are a local flower and gift basket shop, we can customize your gifts! The more ideas you can give us, the more personal it will be!

Let us design fresh floral arrangements and gift baskets for you!

Basket Express

Roadrunner Florist

2009 W Bethany Home

Phoenix, AZ 85015




Having So Much Fun…

I’m Having So Much Fun today! Please join me! I’m going through OLD photographs of pictures of flowers and gift baskets designed by Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express!! How old, you ask? The last 10 years or so! Why is this so much fun? Because styles have changed, flowers have changed and we’ve kept up with the changes that you expect, too!

So, glance with us through memory lane…

From 2012                        From 2016                         From 2012

From 2009                     From 2015                             From 2014

From 2016                                        From 2013

From 2016                                    From 2010                       From 2013

If you’ve enjoyed this walk through memory lane, let me know! I’ll be happy to show you fun and festive floral arrangements and gift baskets all summer long!

Tina and Pamela

Roadrunner Florist




Secretary’s Day

Secretary’s Day

Whether she’s your “Secretary” or your “Administrate Professional”, Wednesday, April 24th, is the day set aside to remember your Secretary!   You know who she is! She’s the one who keeps you in line (when it’s necessary), who keeps you on track (when it’s necessary), and who keeps you out of trouble (when it’s necessary)!!

How can you thank her? It’s simple, really!


Flowers are a great way to say Thanks!

Let Pamela Choose the freshest flowers in the shop! You’ll be sending fresh, seasonal flowers, lots of colors and a beautiful variety that’s the perfect way to say Thanks!

Let Pamela Choose

Our a Little Basket of Flowers. The perfect floral arrangement for her desk!

Little Basket of Flowers

Or send Lucky Goodies. Always appreciated, and often shared! Maybe even a winner in the Arizona State Lottery!

Lucky Goodies

Lucky Goodies

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong thanking your Secretary on Wednesday the 24th!

Tina and Pamela

Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express


2007 W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015

What’s Hoppin?

Springtime Flingtime

What’s Hoppin?

What’s Hoppin’ at Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist is the Easter Bunny! I sent a text to a customer in Washington, DC this morning reminding him that I’m playing Easter Bunny for his 3 children and I needed more information about what his 11 year old son might like!

That’s CUSTOMIZATION at it’s best!

The answers didn’t surprise me!  Sports (Washington Nationals or Washington Wizards) or Sports! So I’m going to include basketball goodies  and chocolates and bunnies!

Designing Easter baskets is fun.  It’s a great time to celebrate spring, and there are lots of things to do outside. Of course there’s the Cadbury Bunny and all of the “imitators”, the fun of coloring eggs, and the gathering of family and friends for great food and spirit.

If you’re thinking about a custom designed Easter Basket this year, then you’d better get a’hoppin’ because this bunny is getting pretty busy!

Here are a few choices that might bring a smile to your spring celebration!

easter basket

Easter Basket

Springtime Flingtime

Springtime Flingtime Basket 

Celebrate Spring Fresh Fruit Basket

Celebrate Spring Fresh Fruit Basket

And then there are flowers! Beautiful Spring Flowers! Perfect for Passover, Easter and Spring!

Here are a few examples of Signature Designs from Roadrunner Florist!

Easter Flowers are Hoppin

Thinking of you with Spring Flowers

Lotsa spring

Lotsa Spring

Celebrate spring

Celebrate Spring

Rosey Springtime Funtime

Rosey Springtime Funtime

Whatever you choose, however you celebrate, wherever you are, remember Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist for your Easter, Passover and Spring gift baskets and flowers!

Happy Spring, one and all!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express

Roadrunner Florist

2007 W Bethany Home

Phoenix, AZ 85015





Perfect Christmas Basket

It’s a Very Happy time of the year! Everyone is so pleased with their gift baskets that I can hardly stand it!  I love positive feedback, like this: “Thanks Tina! It looks great. I’m getting a lot of good feedback from the team so great work!”  – Celeste at Mercy Care

Mercy Care

and this posted on Yelp:  I’ve used this wonderfully creative shop many times over the last 20 years or so. Always quality, original designs you can’t find anywhere else. Just give them a call, tell them what you want & ask for suggestions. Tina will design the perfect piece, with a smile!  Elaine in Indiana

We’re doing a lot of gift baskets for groups of people.   Lots and lots of people!  Offices and groups. From dentists or lawyers to realtors to accountants, to nurses and doctors, we design and deliver great gift baskets to a group! Check out our Santa’s Bringing Goodies

Santa's bringing gooodies

or our Christmas Fancy Gourmet Basket for a group of people in your life!

Christmas Fancy Gourmet

We are busy being Santa Claus!  Order your Happy Gift Baskets from Basket Express! We’re anxious to work our magic so you look good!

We look forward to making you happy, too!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express & Roadrunner Florist 


2007 W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015



Merry Christmas

I thought it might be fun to write about the Flowers of the Month!

Let’s talk about December.

First, a little history.

Birth month flowers refer to certain species that are associated with each month of the year. It is said that the characteristics of each flower will pass down to the people who are born that month. You can also see them mentioned as “flowers by month” but they refer to the same thing.

The Origins of the Flowers by Month

Culturally speaking, it is important to see what flower to choose for a gift, depending on its characteristics (such as color, appearance or scent). But how did we get to offering flowers on birthdays? People think that the Romans were the first ones to use flowers to celebrate such events. They had seasonal flowers which were more than mere decorations since they offered them as gifts for people’s birthdays. As such, most likely this is how birth month flowers appeared. But let’s see what flowers fit each month!

Holly, Narcissus

Thought you might think there aren’t many flowers left to represent December, you would be surprised to see that these are as beautiful as those of us who are December babies (haha!). The birth flowers for the last month of the year are the holly and the narcissus. The holly is a symbol of good wishes for domestic happiness. Even though some birds and animals love eating the berries, remember that they are semi-toxic for people.


Meanwhile, the paperwhite narcissus sends a message that you want the person to whom you give the flower to remain the same as they are. Keep in mind that even though there are lots of types of narcissus, the paperwhite one is the birth month flower for the month of December.


There are some people who believe that the flower of the month for December is the poinsettia. They are indeed associated with Christmas, but not everybody considers them the “flower of the month”. The ancient Aztecs considered them as being symbols of purity, but now they stand for success and good cheer!


What fun it is to design and deliver beautiful Christmas arrangements with holly!

Here’s Glory at Christmastime                          and here’s Elegant Christmas Cheer

Glory Centerpiece   Elegant Christmas Cheer

This is A Country Christmas                           and this is Perfect for Christmas

A country christmas      Perfect for Christmas

We know you’ll be sending floral arrangements and gift baskets for Christmas this year. We look forward to hearing from you!

Merry Christmas


Tina & Pamela 

2007 W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015

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It’s Beginning to Look a lot like … Christmas


Need I say More?

It’s Christmas Time and our little elves are working hard to make you look good!

PES Starts Christmas  Tina

From chocolates to fresh fruit, cocoa, muffins, cheese, candies, crackers to sausages, from cookies to nuts and everything in between, It’s Christmas Time at Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist!

Christmas Fruit in a Basket 

Christmas fruit in a basket

It’s a Winner

Our lottery basket can be decorated with the fancy Christmas colors and fresh greens! It’s a WOW!

Santa’s Gift Basket

This is another great option for you.  It’s a terrific gift basket including coffee and a great Christmas mug!

Santa's gift basket

Don’t forget the fresh fragrant flowers that brighten and cheer your family and friends! So many to choose from, so many people to make happy,… let us help you today!

Arrangements, centerpieces and yes, gift baskets on the website of Roadrunner Florist!

Check out my personal floral favorites:

Starry, Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

The Scents of Christmas

Scents of Christmas

Christmas Roses and Lilies

Awesome Roses and Lilies

I love centerpieces for Christmas. They’re festive, beautiful and they complete the table and they smell terrific!

We call this one Purity of the Holiday

because it’s all white flowers and the fragrant Christmas greens. I can smell it from here, can you?

Purity of the Holiday

This is my all-time favorite centerpeice: Christmas Cheer


Christmas Cheer

No matter which one you choose, now is the time to order your flowers and gift baskets from Basket Express and Roadrunner Florist! Let us design and deliver a unique gift from you! You’ll be glad you did!

Check out our reviews on Yelp! We look forward to hearing from you!

Tina and Pamela

Basket Express  & Roadrunner Florist


2007 W Bethany Home,  Phoenix, AZ 85015