The Arizona State University SunDevils

begin their 2015-2016 football season this Saturday at Texas A&M and then return to Tempe for their first home game of the season against CalPoly on September 12.

If you’re an ASU fan, student, neighbor, alumni, then you know what it’s like to experience game day in Sun Devil Stadium.

For some of us, it’s been years (gee, do I want to admit how many years?) since attending a college football game as a student. (OK, I’ll admit it, I attended UofA games in Tucson, but please don’t tell anywhere up here!). And of course Pamela attended Michigan State University games in East Lansing, MI.

There is nothing like a college football game. As much as I love the Denver Broncos, there’s something special in the air when it’s a college game.  The fans never sit down! The noise never stops! The band plays all the time! The fun is never-ending!

Did you know I sang the National Anthem on the 50 yard line when the  Iowa State Hawkeyes and Pittsburgh Panthers played at the Bowl Game January 1, 2001?  What a joy that was!! Pamela played the clarinet in the Play It Again Band and we had a blast! Then we enjoyed the game and it didn’t even matter to us which team won!

What does all of this have to do with ASU? Well, I’m excited to tell you!

Basket Express is the EXCLUSIVE GIFT BASKET COMPANY for Arizona State University!

Basket Express | Phoenix, AZ

Yes, you read that right!! ASU has a new app (ASUDeals) which is open to everyone (that’s YOU).  There you’ll find lots of goodies, like restaurants, hair cuts, pizza, and BASKET EXPRESS!

That means there are discounts and offerings! Right now I’m offering a discount on an ASU Spirit & Snack Basket.

ASU Snack Gift Basket

And the fun of the app is I get to change my offer whenever I want! So, if you’re an ASU person (and you know who you are!!), then check it out!! ASUDeals on your Smartphone! Scroll down just a bit and you’ll find Basket Express!


  1. That is pretty perfect for a Sundevils fan! I would love a New England Pats one 🙂

    • I can do that for you, Robin!! I am a Denver Bronco fan (and of course I live here with the Arizona Cardinals). The Pats are a terrific team to support!

  2. Looks awesome – and it’s made me hungry! haha

  3. I love this basket! I wonder if I can find one for Ole Miss??? LOL

  4. I love giving gift baskets and I also love making them. You can get or make just about any kind.

    • Yes, Debbie, I know what you mean! My inventory is quite extensive because I design and deliver gift baskets for all occasions!

  5. Baskets are fun gifts to receive. Snacks are always welcomed by me.

  6. Nice spirit and snacks basket…. I love watching NFL but never tried college football

  7. Such a cool basket. I went to U of A, so don’t tell anyone either 😉

    • Oh, my no!! I actually had a UofA alum told me I had “sold myself to the devil” LITERALLY!!

  8. The local university kicks off their season here this weekend too. I appreciate a good gift basket for celebrations!

  9. Oooh, do you make them for my school – Appalachian State University? I also went to East Carolina for a short while working on my Masters Degree.

  10. i don’t live anywhere close to experience or use this but I do hope all who do enjoy the basket and goodies!

  11. Looks like fun! This makes me miss my college days… going to football games was always so much fun!

    • College football games are so much fun! I hope you consider going back to your alma mater and attending another game soon!

  12. This is a great gift basket! I have a friend who just recently graduated from ASU and he is absolutely a huge fan so I know he would love this. Thanks for sharing

    • Congratulations to your friend! I hope you will tell him about the app (ASUDeals) and congratulate him with one of our fabulous gift baskets!

  13. That’s awesome news for everyone! Those deals are great especially since it’s the football season!

  14. I am not a fan, but I want this basket! It’s full of yummy treats!

  15. I am not a football fan, but I LOVE gift baskets, no matter what the occasion is. 🙂

  16. How fun for the uber fan. Looking at it made me hungry though.

    • Yes, Julia, this is perfect for the fan! And I can design it in the colors for every university!

  17. Love the gift basket. For the game or for whatever.

    • So glad you like it! The football season is just beginning so it’s not too late to order your basket!

  18. Your baskets look amazing! What a super fun business! How blessed you are too, to live in AZ..I’m jealous..ha ! Thanks for visiting my blog!!


    • Thanks, Valerie, for vising my blog!! Arizona is a great place to live! We suffer through the summers so we don’t have to shovel the snow in the winters! It’s about 6 a.m. and Abbie and I just went for our morning walk. Must be about 70 degrees and I went out in my shorts and t-shirt. I hope you can come visit sometime!!