Today I want to talk apples.

You know, the red ones, the green ones, the sweet ones, the tart ones, even the in-between ones!


I’ve never been to an apple orchard (apples don’t exactly grow in the desert southwest) but many of you have! This is your chance to tell me about your trips to an apple orchard! What did you do there? Did you actually climb the trees to get to the apples? How do they keep the worms and birds away? What’s the weather like? Does it rain all the time or is it foggy? Did you wear rubber gloves? Did you get to eat the apples right there on the spot?

Have you ever visited a cider mill? Pamela has, in Franklin, Michigan. Did you watch them make apple cider?

I did a Google search for a picture of an apple orchard. OMG…is this what they really look like?

Apple Orchard

My friend Arnie lives in Connecticut. We told me he was going grocery shopping today, and I asked him to pick up some apples for me!! Yea, right, as if he could do that and bring them right over (it’s only about 2,500 miles!). But he offered (wasn’t that nice of him) and then he told me “next month is apple picking season, so I’ll go to the grove and pick some for you. They’re delicious.”

So I jumped on the opportunity and said, Great, pick some for me!

Then I told him this tidbit: Abbie and I share an apple every day. (yesterday we didn’t have one and we had blueberries instead …not a good season for blueberries and she didn’t like them!).

(For those of you who don’t know, Abbie is my dog. She’s a Bagel (that’s part Black Lab and part Beagle). She LOVES apples.)

Abbie and Me

I was raised on apples. My dad (who is 92) still eats an apple a day! We used to have an Apple Par-tay (accent on the tay) in the evening. We would challenge him to peel a red delicious apple all in one piece (sometimes he could do it) and then we’d fight over who got to eat the peel! Of course it was the middle of that incredible apple that was the star of the show! Pamela’s mother ate an apple every day, too, and she lived to be 91. There must be something special about apples!

Back to the tidbit about apples. I have seen noticeable improvement in my skin since Abbie and I started this at the first of the year! Could it be? Well, the dark spots under my eyes are gone (are you listening, Cindy, because we always thought it was inherited). And I’m tanning beautifully (no burning skin here). I discovered the benefits of eating fruit each day — 1.5 cups for women or 2 cups for men is recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They say, “Consuming apples boosts your intake of essential nutrients, including fiber and the essential mineral potassium. Apples also benefit your appearance, since they contain nutrients that nourish your skin.” They also say apples provide Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Copper.”  Copper? Yes, Copper. Here’s what the U.S. Department of Agriculture says about apples and Copper: “Copper helps you make melanin, the brown-black pigment that colors your skin. Melanin in your skin protects you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so being able to produce melanin provides natural sun protection. Melanin also makes up an essential part of other tissues, including your eyes and hair. Each large apple contains 60 micrograms of copper, or 7 percent of your daily copper requirements, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.”

Whenever I design a fresh fruit gift basket, I always include apples. There are so many kinds! Here’s a chart I found that tells about the different types and varieties of apples.

Apple Chart

I remember one day last December I was designing about 25 fresh fruit gift baskets for Christmas presents. I brought in cases of apples from a local farmer’s market and started to separate them for the baskets. Pamela said, “Gee, aren’t you putting anything in the fruit baskets except apples?” But of course I was (I added pears, oranges, lemons, grapefruit and bananas) but the highlight of the fresh fruit baskets were the apples.

Really Nice Fresh Fruit Basket  Fruit basket for Seymour  small fruit basket  Fresh Fruit Coffee gift Basket

My dad still prefers red delicious apples, Pamela, Abbie and I like galas. What is your favorite type of apple and why?

  1. Why do teachers like apples? Teachers know that when you slice an apple in half as it is laying on its side, with the stem on its side not on top, you’ll find a star inside. Each child has his/her own star, teachers just help them find it and shine.

    • You learn something every day! I had no idea there’s a star in every apple! Tomorrow morning, when I share my apple with Abbie, I’m going to take special notice of this amazing work of Nature!

  2. I think fruit baskets are a great gift idea. Especially for those people who already have everything!

  3. I think fruit baskets are a great gift idea. Especially for those people who already have everything!

  4. These are just beautiful! They are perfect for so many different occasions too 🙂

  5. I love apples, and yes, they make great additions to any fruit basket!

    • Yes, indeed, Michelle. I love apples and I’m glad everyone I send a gift basket seems to enjoy them as well.

  6. I love every kind of apples, don’t ask me why, I don’t know exactly! But it is in thi way!

  7. Thanks for the awesome read, who knew there was so much to learn about apples!

  8. That photo of the orchard is stunning! I eat apples every day, although it helps that my family has a huge apple tree with a seemingly endless supply! haha

  9. We love apples in our house. Gala and other sweeter varieties preferred – especially to get our toddler to eat them. Your post is making excited for fall!!

    • We love Gala apples, too. They’re soft enough and sweet enough to satisfy my hunger any time of the day!

  10. I love gala apples as well…they are my fav! 🙂 Nice post.

  11. We have a few great orchards around our house. We love getting our apples from there. My mom actually grew up near Franklin, MI and went to that cider mill. She still raves about the cider donuts.

  12. loved your fruit arrangements

  13. Apples are awesome. They give our bodies so many health benefits, including good digestion.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth!! I am enjoying the benefits of apples and I hope people read this and discover their healthy attributes.

  14. I love apples. I have been drinking freshly squeezed apples two times daily for a couple of months now. My digestive system has improved and even my skin.

    • Mine, too!! I love the “side affects” of the apples!! Congratulations and welcome to my world!

  15. I’ve always been a big Granny Smith fan because I like the tartness!

    • I love to bake with Granny Smith apples. Do you eat them fresh or do you bake them first?

  16. I love arranging fruits with the beautiful baskets, and it is perfect gifts

  17. I love gala apples – crisp and sweet and delicious!

  18. I love fresh apples. Those are great baskets