Sometimes we need a little humor!

OK, a lot of times we need a little humor!

We’re gearing up for Mother’s Day, one of our busiest times of the year, and yes, we need a little humor! We hope you enjoy these tidbits today!

A little bit of Costo humor!

A Little Humor about Costo

Here’s a beauty about  beauty!

Beauty Treatment Humor

This is definitely ME!! Is it you, too!

Bubble Wrap Humor

This one’s for my daughter Lauren, who, when she was in high school said:

“You Never Need Math!”

Funny, because her first real job with at Chase Bank!

Algebra Humor

Do you know someone who thinks they took it with them?

Last Words humor

And my favorite of the day:

A Little Humor Advice

Do you have a favorite that helps you get through the day? Please share it with us!

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Have a wonderful day!!